Fourth of July in Boston

Us Europeans always snicker at the short history of US. “Oh this is the oldest building in the city? Well my brother has an outhouse that is twice as old as that…”. Sure, there’s a difference between […]

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Spring Macro Photography

Spring in Bay Area lasts for few weeks. That’s the time after winter rains make the grass grow and wildflowers bloom, but before summer heat turns the grass brown and flowers spiky. This winter was […]

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XMas in Yosemite

We’ve spent Christmas in Yosemite once before and it was fun. This year there was much less snow, unfortunately, but the valley is still as spectacular as ever. Little dusting of snow and ice made […]

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2013-09-02 - North Beach - 01.jpg

Walking Around San Francisco

Sometimes it’s good to walk around the city and take in the sights slowly. There are many little corners in San Francisco that just scream “photograph me!”. I’m too lazy to do this often, but […]

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2013-08-19 - SF Thunderstorm - 01.jpg

Thunder! In San Francisco

San Francisco does not get thunderstorms very often. I honestly have no idea why that is, but in the six-ish years that I’ve lived in Bay Area I remember just a handful of times I’ve […]

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We took a quick 24 hour trip down to Monterey. Dinner at the Sardine Factory was just as good as everyone promised, although no sardines were in evidence. I was hoping to get some spectacular […]

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San Francisco Sunset with ND

I got a new B+W 3.0 ND filter (10 stop light reduction) which is good enough for 20-30 second exposures in direct sunlight. It does a great job of smoothing wave, cloud and fog movement. […]

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2013-06-17 - Orcas - 01.jpg

Orcas in Vancouver

We took a quick trip north to Vancouver Island, staying two nights in Victoria. The highlight of the trip was a 3 hour boat ride to see Orcas … and boy, did we see them! […]

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110 Degrees of Death Valley

I had a wonderful idea of going back to Death Valley … in summer! It would be nice and warm there (yeah…) and not too many people around (guess why?). Well, both turned out to […]

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2013-06-08 - Surfers - 01.jpg

Surfers in Pacifica

Nice wave action on Rockaway beach at low tide, so I hiked to the side of the beach to get a new angle on the surfers. I like the rocks on the background, and being […]

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