Death Valley – Day 3

How much weird scenery can one see before getting overwhelmed? At least 3 days worth. We started the morning at Zabriskie Point, with views of the Red Cathedral we saw from the other side the previous night. The rock formations have to be seen, pictures do not do them justice.

Death Valley - Zabriskie PointDeath Valley - Zabriskie PointDeath Valley - Zabriskie Point

Another must-see attraction is the Mosaic Canyon, with smooth walls of marble. It was a fun hike, especially when everyone got excited about rock climbing, but the scenery was somewhat dissapointing. Maybe, just maybe, we were getting jaded with all the wonderful sights? Still very much fun.

Death Valley - Mosaic CanyonDeath Valley - Mosaic CanyonDeath Valley - Mosaic CanyonDeath Valley - Mosaic Canyon

On our way out we drove through the Artists Drive. For miles and miles all we saw were some mildly interesting rock formations (“Oh look, another rock!”) … until we chanced upon Artist’s Palette. So much for reading guidebooks! That place was really cool! Too bad we were out of time and energy, it would have been great to go exploring amidst the different coloured hills.

Death Valley - Artist's DriveDeath Valley - Artist's Drive

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