Sand in Death Valley

We started our first day in Death Valley by hiking the Mesquite Dunes near Furnace Creek. The tallest dune is over 100 feet (30 meters) tall, and let me tell you, slogging up the side of that hill of soft sand is no joke. We were super lucky with the Goldilocks weather — not too hot, not too cold, and it rained only at night.

2013-01-25 - Death Valley - Mesquite Dunes - 01.jpg2013-01-25 - Death Valley - Mesquite Dunes - 02.jpg2013-01-25 - Death Valley - Mesquite Dunes - 03.jpg

After the dunes we checked out the Ubehebe crater. We had so much fun saying the name, that instead of a quick touristy peek-a-boo we ended up hiking the miles-an-half around the crater rim. As a bonus we got to see the BabyHebe … umm, I mean Little Hebe.

2013-01-25 - Death Valley - Ubehebe Crater - 01.jpg2013-01-25 - Death Valley - Ubehebe Crater - 02.jpg2013-01-25 - Death Valley - Ubehebe Crater - 03.jpg

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