Walking Around San Francisco

Sometimes it’s good to walk around the city and take in the sights slowly. There are many little corners in San Francisco that just scream “photograph me!”. I’m too lazy to do this often, but one Sunday walk up California St and back via North Beach yielded few fun shots:

2013-09-02 - North Beach - 01.jpg2013-09-02 - North Beach - 03.jpg2013-09-02 - North Beach - 05.jpg2013-09-02 - North Beach - 06.jpg2013-09-02 - North Beach - 07.jpg

SOMA area is growing like crazy nowadays, with several construction sites in every block.

2013-09-18 - City Night - 01.jpg2013-09-18 - City Night - 02.jpg2013-09-18 - City Night - 04.jpg

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