Fourth of July in Boston

Us Europeans always snicker at the short history of US. “Oh this is the oldest building in the city? Well my brother has an outhouse that is twice as old as that…”. Sure, there’s a difference between 350 years and over 2,000 years. But when I visited Boston for the first time I realized that there is some really serious history in this country. It might not reach back thousands of years — well, let’s be exact here, I’m talking about the history of the United States of America, not the mostly unwritten history of North America. Right, so it might not reach back thousands of years, but it’s still rich in drama and interesting things happening.

Boston is an awesome place to learn about the how USA struggled to gain its independence. You cannot throw a rock without hitting a building where some important document was signed or where one of the Founding Fathers made a speech. Like the Old State House from 1713 which was pretty much the center of politics back then. That’s the balcony where they read the Declaration of Independence:

2014-07-06 - Boston - 06We walked the whole Freedom Trail, it was really cool experience.

2014-07-06 - Boston - 02.jpg2014-07-06 - Boston - 10.jpg2014-07-06 - Boston - 11.jpg

Harvard was fun too, especially if you like taking pictures of old buildings. The whole campus is a photographer’s dream.

2014-07-05 - Harvard - 02  2014-07-05 - Harvard - 07

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