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Fourth of July in Boston

Us Europeans always snicker at the short history of US. “Oh this is the oldest building in the city? Well my brother has an outhouse that is twice as old as that…”. Sure, there’s a difference between […]

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2013-09-02 - North Beach - 01.jpg

Walking Around San Francisco

Sometimes it’s good to walk around the city and take in the sights slowly. There are many little corners in San Francisco that just scream “photograph me!”. I’m too lazy to do this often, but […]

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2013-08-19 - SF Thunderstorm - 01.jpg

Thunder! In San Francisco

San Francisco does not get thunderstorms very often. I honestly have no idea why that is, but in the six-ish years that I’ve lived in Bay Area I remember just a handful of times I’ve […]

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2013-01-24 - Las Vegas - 01.jpg

Las Vegas by Night

On our way to Death Valley we stopped in the Sin City. Nothing exciting, just a dinner and good nights sleep. I did drag myself out on the freezing sidewalk to snap few HDR images […]

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